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God is Infinite

God is Infinite

A small part of INFINITY

God is Infinite …

This idea that God/Spirit/Higher Power is infinite is such a powerful idea precisely because most people already accept it and because it leads to so many meaningful lessons. Although most people would agree that their concept of a Higher Power includes the idea that God is infinite, many of us haven’t thought about what that really means to us.

If we all really get this idea at the deepest level, it would transform our lives, our relationships, our societies, and our world. So, if you think about it now, what does it mean to you that Spirit (or whatever name you choose) is infinite?

 All of it, absolutely ALL …

Quite simply, it means that God is everythingevery thing. It means that everything in the entire universe is part of It, part of God. There can not even be one electron in all the universe which is not part of It, because then It would no longer be infinite.

And, if there is any thing outside of this universe, that must also be part of an infinite Spirit.

If you accept the idea that God is infinite, I invite you to fully embrace all that this means (the infinity of meaning). First, it means that you, each and every one of you, are part of God, part of the infinite. How could it be otherwise?

The infinite, infinity, these are mathematical concepts. While the full implications of infinity are impossible to grasp with our finite minds, the meaning is unambiguous. That which is infinite includes everything, period. No exceptions, no fine print, no restrictions, no asterisks. If there is anything outside of God, then It is not infinite.

The fact that you are part of this Infinite Loving Presence is not dependent on your beliefs, your history, your successes or failings, your religion, how often you pray, or anything else. This is basic mathematical logic, not supposition or belief. Since everything must be part of that which is infinite and since you are present in the universe now (and therefore part of everything), you must be part of God. [By the way, if you initially agreed that you believe that God is infinite, you don’t get to change your belief now that you know that this means that you are part of God.]

 How Could That Be?

This idea may raise a lot of questions for you like: “How could I be part of God if I did/said/thought … (fill in the blank with your worst example)?” or “If I am part of God how come this terrible thing … (fill in the blank with your worst example) happened to me or someone I love?” I will answer these and similar questions in the next post. These are important issues which must be addressed. For now, sit with the idea that you are part of the Infinite Spirit of the Universe and see what that brings up for you. What if it really was true? What would that mean to you? How does it feel to you?

But wait, there’s more …

So, since you are part of God, part of All-That-Is, you have access to all that It is. You have access to It’s wisdom, It’s abundance, It’s energy, It’s peace, It’s joy, It’s creativity, It’s Love, etc. Therefore, we are all capable of much more than we can imagine.

A fish swimming in the Chesapeake Bay has access to the waters around India since all the oceans are interconnected. In the same way, each of us has access to all parts and all aspects of the Infinite. Nothing is withheld by Spirit.

There are two ways in which we are limited in what we can access from the Infinite: one is structural and absolute, the other is mental and relative.

The structural limits are due to the fact that we are finite and Spirit is infinite. There are aspects of the Divine which we can’t emulate since we are not It. Just as a radio cannot receive TV signals, just as a drop of ocean water (or even a gallon) cannot create waves, we cannot manifest all the magnificence of Spirit. These limits are the same for all of us.

The mental limits are self-imposed by our beliefs. Our beliefs are powerful determinants of what we experience and what we allow ourselves to attempt. If you believe that you are not good at math, or that you can’t manage money, or that you are unlovable, these beliefs will determine what you let yourself try to achieve and what you experience. These limits are relative and may be different for everyone even though there are many that we share. When you discover that you have one of these or numerous other self-limiting beliefs, you can change it and thereby change your experience of that area of life.

What Else?

It’s all of us and everything else too.

What else is part of God? Quite simply, since It is infinite, the whole universe and everything in it must be part of Spirit. Everyone (every one) and everything (every thing) in your life (and mine) must also be part of It. This includes all the people and things we like and all that we don’t like – it’s all part of the Infinite. Otherwise, Spirit would not be infinite. Furthermore, since Spirit is infinite, we are all part of the same Whole. We are all connected in ways that our physical senses don’t reveal. So, just as spiritual masters have all said, it is impossible to hurt anyone or anything that you might be upset with now without also harming yourself and all that you do care about. It’s like having parts of the ocean that you love and parts that you hate and then pouring poison into the parts that you hate. You just wouldn’t do that because you know that the poison would also affect all the parts of the ocean that you love because it is all one big ocean. Well, the same is true of the entire universe.

What To Do?

This doesn’t mean that you have to like or love everyone or everything right now. The people and things that you don’t like, for now, just accept them as part of God’s big plan and do what you can in a loving way to open your heart to them. Pouring out anger, judgment, resentment, and hatred on them is like pouring poison into your own living space. It just doesn’t make sense. We will consider this more deeply in a later post.

Bottom line: There is only one God/Spirit/Higher Power, just one, only one, AND It is everyone and everything, It is the entire universe. It is infinite and we are all part of It.

Your comments are appreciated.

Next Up –

In the next post, I discuss my philosophy of how we can all be part of the Divine despite our failings, which appear less than Divine.

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