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Affirmations: to the Point, Practiced, and Private

In this post we will cover three more Principles of Affirmations bringing the total so far up to 12. You may notice that it is becoming easier for you to write these life-changing statements as you practice more. Like everything else, it does get easier with time and practice. Have you started to notice any changes in your life experience since beginning this practice? I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions.

Let’s get into this group of Principles.

Short & sweet

Short & sweet

to the Point

The idea is to keep your affirmations “short and sweet”. It is always better to state them concisely. Unnecessary words diminish the power of your statements.

For example:
“I am strong and healthy.” vs. “My body is becoming stronger and more and more healthy every day.”

“I have wonderful, loving relationships.” vs. “I am learning to be more loving in my relationships and so I attract loving partners.”

Expressing the heart of what you want, the essence of your meaning, creates the strongest affirmations. This can take some practice.You may notice that the extra words qualify the concise statement and steal some of its punch.

Sometimes, it is hard to accept and believe the concise affirmation. So to make it useful initially you may have to add some modifiers as shown above. This is fine as long as you understand what you are doing and eliminate those extra words when they become unnecessary.

The ultimate concise affirmation is: “I AM”. Depending on your point of view, this says everything or nothing.

Improve with practice

Improve with practice


It is best to repeat your affirmation over and over to yourself. The more times you can repeat it the better. Just don’t let it become something you say without conscious thought and feeling. Make sure you think about what you are saying and engage the associated positive feelings when you say it.

Look for times throughout your day when you can repeat them to yourself. When you are by yourself, it may help to repeat them out loud. There are numerous opportunities to reinforce these affirmations every day: while you are waiting on the phone, or for an elevator, in a line, while you are driving, during the commercials on TV, while doing any mindless task like household chores, etc. You will find dozens of times throughout the day.

Remember the old story about the young man who was lost in NYC and asked an elderly man: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer was: “Practice, young man, practice, practice, practice.” There is a lot of wisdom in old jokes.

Just know that the negative statements you have been making to yourself for years have a big head start. They have become habitual thoughts because you repeated them so many times. Now, by repeating these affirmations, you are reversing the tide and making these conscious statements habitual. Pretty soon they will become automatic and replace the old self-critical thinking.

Private - Shhh!



Do not share your affirmations with anyone except those who you are certain will understand what you are trying to accomplish and support you. And even then keep the number of people with whom you share very small. It would really be best if you just kept it a secret from everyone.

Putting these thoughts ‘out there’ at this stage of the game will dilute their power for you. This is a sacred activity you are conducting with and for yourself. Keep it to yourself for now.

A year from now if a good friend asks you how you made that big change in your life so easily, feel free to share the idea with them and refer them to these blog posts.


That makes 12

That makes 12

Final Episode Coming

That makes 12 Principles of affirmations so far. Like a dozen roses, they can beautify your experience of life. Use them and they will become more powerful for you. Take these three new ideas and review the affirmations you have written so far. Update them, be sure to practice them and keep them to yourself.

In the next post, we’ll wrap up the list of 15 Principles.


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