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Jerry Levin

Searching? Uncertain, even, what you’re searching for? I know that feeling. I’ve known that feeling for some time now. Frustrated? Feels like something is missing? But what is it?

The problem for many of us is that we wind up looking for ‘it’ in the wrong place. Most of us search ‘out there’ for what is actually deep within us. We are unintentionally misled by everyone else who was, in turn, led to believe that peace, fulfillment and a sense of meaning is available in the world of things and other people.

When we know where to look, we can begin to discover what we are searching for. It’s not a quick fix or a one-step solution. It is a process of learning, growing and deepening understanding yielding increasing peace, joy, freedom and health starting the moment you commit to step on your path.

There are many paths from where you are to where you want to be. I would be honored to show you the one I am using. It is a spiritual path drawing on two sources often believed to be mutually exclusive. First, this path is illuminated by the Great Truths about the nature of God and our relationship to God. Second, it draws on modern science for clues that point the way to the truth we seek.

Check out my blog posts to get an idea of whether this right for you. If you like them (or don’t) leave comments or questions. Also check out the latest updates on my forthcoming book: Affirmative Prayer. The Scientific Basis for Activating Your Divine Creative Power.

I’m very glad to welcome you to this site because my mission is to support others in discovering their truth, finding inner peace and promoting unity. Thanks for your attention.


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